-Wagyu M9 M6+ Angus Full Set


Our Wagyu Angus Full Set comes with M9 WAGYU RIB EYE 280g + M9 STRIPLOIN 280g + M6Hot Pot 250g + M6Yakiniku 250g + M6Wagyu Beef Shin 300g + M6Wagyu BURGER 150g + M6Wagyu Minced Beef 500g + M6Wagyu Diced Beef 250g + Angus Diced Beef 250g

Kuro Kin Wagyu has been established for 20 years. In order to take advantage of the pure bred Wagyu cattle, the Kuro Kin Wagyu bulls be the world’s three largest Wagyu bloodlines ( Tajima, Shimane and Kedaka )

The rib eye steak is enriched considerably from a nugget of natural fat, to keep the meat succulent, while it promises a full-flavored treat as the fat caramelizes and tenderizes the meat while it cooks. Ideal for both weekend treats and midweek meals.

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